To make the teachers’ class aware regarding the Human Rights which have been given to them through Indian Constitution and also the rights which have been given to them by the Indian Government under different Indian Government Laws.
To make aware of Literary, Scientific, Cultural, and Social Welfare activities in its Endeavour for up liftment of society keeping in view the limits of Indian Constitution.
To promote the legitimate interests of its Members.
To create a women cell from among the members of Association to help them to be aware of their rights.
To achieve its motives with the help and mutual co-operation / contribution from organizations /societies whose objectives are resemble/similar to those of the association’s. In the hour of crisis to a member, he/she or his/her family members have to inform the association then the Association after discussing on this matter if thinks it fit then a legitimate legal action can be taken for it.
To use the assets of the association for achieving its Aims, Objectives according to its Memorandum and Rules & Regulation made there under.
To help the members and their families as well as society in securing their legitimate Social, Economic, and Professional interest.
To undertake such other activities as are incidental/innovative in nature & compatible/conducive to the attainment of the Aims and Objectives as approved by State General Body.
To promote mutual co-operation among the Members and their families and to help them in the legitimate Hour of Need. The HREAT shall work as a Non-Political, Non-Commercial and Non-Profitable organization. The branches of the association can be opened in the different Divisional/Districts/Blocks of Punjab on the conditions described/instructed by the State Governing Body of HREAT.
The rules and regulations will be the same for Divisional/District/Block level branches except jurisdiction of such branches will only be the place where the incident would happen and not the Head Office for all i.e. the litigation can only be done where the incident has happened. All Contracts and other instruments for and on behalf of the Association shall be subject to the provision of the Act, be expressed to be made in the name of the Association and shall be executed by the persons authorized by the Executive Body/Governing Body .
To create a Reserve Fund besides the subscription. It shall have a separate account from the regular account of the fund. This fund should only be used in the financial crises.
To achieve its Aims and Objectives, the scope of its working can be altered, extended or abridged.
To receive and collect gift, subscriptions and donations either in cash or in any kind or acquire by and other lawful ways and means and open the same in fulfillment of all or any other aims and objects of the Association, the income and property(s) of the Association shall be applied solely for promotion and fulfillment of the aims and objects of the Association. To open Libraries, to Organize Seminars/Tours, Multimedia Presentations keeping in view the Aims and Objectives of the Association.
An Emergency fund will also be formed which will be used for providing medical aid to the members of the Association and their families, when they are in an Emergent need. The beneficiary of this clause would be considered by the Governing Body/Executive Body/House with 3/5th majority of those who have contributed . Provided the beneficiary would be member who contributes Rs. 200/- per annum in this fund. To promote interest in Indian Culture and Literature.
The Association shall not in any way be connected with any political party or organization or engage in Political activity, the association shall not indulge in activities Prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India or Morality or Public Order. The Divisional/District Body and Block Body shall remit 25% of there Subscription to the state governing body. No member of this association shall be member of any other Association/ Union which has a direct conflict with this association.
The association through its State Governing Body may/can sue and be sued on the policies which association has adopted otherwise it will be the place where the incident has happened. The association shall have perpetual succession and common seal/authorised signatory seal and it can also have its hologram. . Whenever there is a dispute between member and members, Office bearers and member, between different bodies of the Association then decision in that case decision of the Executive Committee at each level, in extraordinary circumstances it will be the State Governing Body shall be the final authority. No member of the Governing Body/Executive Body shall be answerable or personally liable for any loss arising from the administration or application of the funds and properties of the society unless such loss or damage is caused through willful default or breach of trust or culpable negligence on his part.
All the enrolled members, which are at different levels, will have to follow the Rules and Regulation of HREAT Which are framed or modified or amended in future.
To approach the concerned authorities for redressal of grievances of members of Association as well as for others whose cases has been considered viable by the Association.
To honor prominent personalities who have contributed for the welfare of the Society except political parties.